Operationally green plan

Our Operationally Green Plan addresses the long term environmental impact of office printing and copying equipment – where it really matters! By managing the way printing and copying is output; we reduce unnecessary usage, cut wastage, lower energy use, educate users and make equipment last longer. In addition we create a “win – win” scenario by delivering reduced running costs.

Whether you have a standalone multi-functional copier or a large printer fleet, we provide workable strategies that can reduce the environmental impact of your printing by up to 50%. We achieve this without compromising office productivity or adding administrative overheads.

“Is it not the manufacturers responsibility to make their equipment run in an environmentally friendly way?”

Efficiencies in manufacturing together with the improved use of materials, mean that our leading brands have made substantial advances in lowering environmental impact during manufacture. At the products end of life, improvements in the recycling of component parts, reduces the further need for industries to further mine new raw materials.

Such advances in just the last five years, mean that during it’s life, the actual use of a multi-functional photocopier now contributes the largest area of impact on the environment. It is therefore naïve to believe that simply buying an “environmentally friendly “device will truly meet your ethical obligations. Developing a plan with the right environmentally minded supplier is now essential to further reducing your environmental impact.

Our Operationally Green Plan addresses the long term impact of office equipment where it really matters. In conjunction with our consultancy services, we will help you build a positive strategy to assist you in reaching your green targets and meeting your clients expectations.