For your convenience of both Dataquest and Smartech customers (and to reduce our environment footprint) we have designed the form below to eliminate our need to print and reproduce hardcopy documents.

To help assist in the seamless integration of our products onto your network environment, please complete this form as accurately as possible and submit it prior to installation. If you have any questions regarding this form please speak to your Dataquest representative or contact our Project Management Team for assistance.

Installations often require us to integrate hardware with print servers, mail exchanges, Active Directory, client PC’s as well install client software tools and utilities. Please therefore confirm that someone with technical expertise / Administration rights on your network will be available on the day of installation for us to confer with.

General details

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Physical environment

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Number of offices / sites

Network topology

Network Protocols

Number of Windows print servers

Are these print servers dedicated?

Is your Print Server architecture in the cloud?
NoMicrosoft AzureRackspaceAmazonOther

If other, please state which cloud service?

What version servers are you running?
20082008 R220122012 R22016Other

What version Clients are you running?
VistaWindows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 10

Do you run full SQL? if so what version is it?

What version mail server do you run

What Non-Windows systems are running?
CitrixTerminal servicesMac ClientsMac ServersNovellUnixLinuxChromeOther

If applicable - how many users / clients utilise these non-windows technologies for general printing?

What applications are users running?
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office 360OutlookLotus NotesInternet ExplorerChromeFirefoxOperaPDF readerAdobe AcrobatOther Adobe Creative Suite productsSharepointDocument Management*Other*

* If "other" or printing from a "Document Management Systems" - please give details

User Authentication

When users authenticate on their client, does this set their access permissions across all resources that Dataquest may be integrating with / accessing?


If there are restrictions to how users authenticate to resources on the network, please give details.

Data Security - Please indicate if the project requires any specific controls around the security or integrity of your data? If so please provide brief details and the contact details of your Data Controller?

LDAP integration

Search Base

DC Host Name

User Account for Authentication

Configuration for the installation of multi-functional devices & printers

Will there be a network point and dedicated power outlet by the device?

What IP range is used for print devices?



Subnet Mask

Default Gateway

DNS/WINS server

What PDL do you prefer

How are your client 'logically' connected to printers
Peer to PeerServerMixed

Are there any network Admin utilities or print management systems currently running

If so please give details

User codes

Will User codes be implemented

If yes please supply the codes and user names you wish to use in an Excel or .csv format

What Functions do you want to restrict?
CopyingPrintingScanningFaxBlack and WhiteColour

Facsimile (if applicable to your order)

What is/are the incoming Facsimile numbers?

Will faxing from your desktop PC be implemented?

What is the functionality of the Fax line?
Send and receiveSend OnlyReceive Only

Do incoming faxes need to be forwarded to and email address?

Fax forward email address

Scanning on multifunctional devices

Where will network scans be sent to?

EmailSMB FolderFTP Folder

If applicable please upload a list in excel showing user / folder names and the corresponding email addresses and folder paths.

Managed services

Dataquest installs SNMP MIB software to optimise the management of your printer fleet. This enables us to collate meter reading remotely and gives you tools to centrally monitor and manage toner levels.

Please confirm that you are happy to have this installed
YesNoSend me more information

If your organisation is not taking advantage of the printer fleet management software above, please supply us with an email address for the person / department taking responsibility

If you have any other consideration we should be aware of prior to installation, please add these below