We truly take care of your systems and make sure that you’re protected against cyber threats, see below for what we do to keep you protected.


Next Generation Firewalls (NGF)
Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Our NGF appliances come with enhanced intrusion
prevention, application intelligence, email security,
URL filtering, wireless security and virtual private
networks. UTM improves your organisation’s cyber
security making it more difficult for criminals to


Penetration Testing & End Point


Penetration testing assesses your organisation’s
servers and other internet-connected devices to find
vulnerabilities that an attacker would take advantage
of. It is essential that penetration testing is
implemented regularly for 2 primary reasons:

1. The ways that an organisation can be hacked is
constantly evolving and new vulnerabilities crop
up regularly.
2.  Planned changes to your infrastructure, upgrades
& new devices to make retesting frequently


Staff Awareness Training

We train your staff to provide awareness on where
they can prevent a breach just through adopting
good working practices. From infected emails to
fake phone calls with the intention to exploit
and hijack your equipment, we make sure that all
staff are well trained and ready to spot criminals
to prevent breaches.


Two Factor Authentication (TFA)

TFA is an extra security measure to verify a user’s
identity themselves. This increases the likelihood
that only the owner of the device will be able to
gain access. TFA is an inexpensive measure that is
being used by most industries including; Law firms,
Recruitment, Marketing, Fashion, Technology and
Retail to fortify their security.


Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) is the administrative
area dealing with; developing, securing, monitoring,
integrating and managing business mobile devices.
The intent of MDM is to optimise the functionality
and security of mobile devices within the
organisation, while simultaneously protecting the
corporate network.


Ambulance Recovery Service

If your systems are currently down or they are in
the future, we understand it’s vital to be up
and running as fast as possible. Our specialist
Ambulance Recovery service assesses how your
systems were breached to find the best solution to
get you up and running. We also provide infection
isolation, breach clean-up and reoccurrence
prevention to block future hacks via the same