Customer information regarding our response , during these unprecedented times.

Dataquest UK is monitoring the situation closely regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus and its effect on our supply chain.

We are following the guidance and advice issued by the UK Government, Public Health England, World Health Organisation and other relevant authorities. Much is still unknown about the impact of the virus and therefore it is impossible to predict accurately, the extent to which it will affect businesses and the supply of stock. As government advice is changing daily, our business contingencies are changing dynamically in line with the latest recommendations from agencies such as Public Health England.

At Dataquest we work in line with the official advice and adopt a support plan that is appropriate and proportionate to the scale of the situation and take pro-active steps to minimise the impact that it might have to our business and the service that we provide.

Dataquest UK has been assessing the potential effects of Coronavirus on our supply chain on a regular basis to identify and mitigate any issues as they occur. We will endeavour to keep our customers and partners fully updated on any issues related to the specific products they require for the fulfilment of their contract, should these arise.

The welfare of our employees is our top priority and we have the following plans in place:

  • Decontamination plan to ensure the office is decontaminated following suspected/confirmed case of coronavirus;
  • Working from home plan to ensure as many of our employees as possible are able to work from home if need arises.
  • Our employees are kept informed about personal hygiene, health and Company business matters in relation to the virus.
  • Where practical, we are using our own remote working technology, user tools and services to collaborate with our other offices, customers and suppliers, without the need for face to face meetings.

Dataquest UK ‘as always,’ remain focused on continuing to provide the high level of service that our customers have come to expect from us.