Thank you for registering your interest, one of our experts will contact you shortly about ClearERP.  Below we have the top 10 reasons why Netsuite is the software for your organisation.



1.     Better decisions with real-time metrics

NetSuite is the first and only business application with built-in, customizable dashboard views baked
in — they’re not add-ons that require a team of business analysts and specialized business-intelligence
software. You simply turn on the metrics that you need to see. Point, click, results.


2.     Enterprise-class power in a single suite designed and priced for mid-sized       organizations

With NetSuite, you get the power of an enterprise-class application without the overhead you don’t
need. This full business suite gives you business-process functionality that’s typically only available to large
companies willing to invest millions in applications like SAP or Oracle.


4.     You manage your business. We manage the software

In today’s economic climate, SaaS makes sense. NetSuite deploys quickly, you pay for only what you
need, and there are no capital expenses. Plus, NetSuite never becomes shelfware, because you only pay
for those who use it. When one textiles company moved to NetSuite, their CFO reported a conservative
$700,000 savings and has been able to reduce monthly operating costs by 80%.


5.     Built-in integration that reduces costs and increases productivity

NetSuite unites fragmented data while automating processes from end to end. So you don’t incur the costs
of consultants and middleware vendors to cobble together multiple systems. Within a single, powerful
application, NetSuite combines CRM, accounting/ERP and e-commerce capabilities — and then rolls up the
data from all of these applications into a clear and fast dashboard.


6.     NetSuite works the way you do, using your industry’s processes

NetSuite was designed and built around the concept of providing vertical solutions. Building on ten
years of experience, we’ve developed industry-specific vertical solutions that will meet the needs of your
particular system out of the box. NetSuite also offers complete flexibility for configuration and customization
through the SuiteFlex technology toolkit and the NetSuite Business Operating System (NS-BOS).


7.     The only on-demand system designed to run a global business

NetSuite OneWorld also makes it easy to explore new markets. All a remote installation needs is an
Internet connection and a browser, something anybody can do without deploying an entire IT team.
So NetSuite not only runs your global business, it does so cost-effectively.


8.     All the services and support you need for winning results

Usually, the biggest expense in deploying a business management system is the army of consultants
needed to get it up, running, and integrated with your other systems. Drawing on ten years of experience
serving more than 6,000 customers, NetSuite has created a methodology based on best practices for
implementing this SaaS business suite quickly and cost-effectively.


9.     The largest and most successful customer base of any on-demand
business suite

More than 6,000 midsized organizations across a wide range of industries use NetSuite every day,
including many that have switched from vendors such as Microsoft Great Plains, and
even SAP. The reason: NetSuite provides them with a single system to run their entire business more
efficiently and at a much lower cost than competing solutions.


10.     NetSuite is a publicly traded company with a strong balance sheet

NetSuite (NYSE: N) is here to stay. Founded in 1998 by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and technology guru
Even Goldberg (who is still our CTO), we’ve enjoyed 35 consecutive quarters of increased revenue while
traditional mid-market applications vendors have struggled. In the last quarter, more than 400 new
customers chose NetSuite to run their businesses. Making NetSuite a company you can trust.