The Issue

The agency was given an internal green target to lower their carbon footprint and print wastage. It was important that any recommendations were easy to use, would not compromise productivity and that it produced cost benefits helping make the project self-funding. Our professional services division investigated ways to meet the target given to the agency and after extensive research, communicating with a variety of market leading brands we had found the perfect solution.

Dataquest’s Solution

Before implementing the solutions, we set up a proof of concept to show the agency how this will be beneficial to their entire organisation. After this, we delivered a Managed Print Solution which stopped documents being printed that users would never collect, automatic print deletion of print jobs left overnight and an identification system of where print costs are coming from so going forward the agency can make informed decisions of where future reductions can be made.

Our solution also made the process of printing simplified to the staff. They can now enter a simple pin code to release any print jobs.

Our Partnership

The solution we have provided has prevented over five thousand unwanted prints a month. Due to the reduced levels of printing the Multifunctional devices use less energy and lower heat output making the office climate more efficient. Thanks to our partnership, the agency now has hit their green target and enabled staff to have a simplified future-proof document solution.

Our Benefits Illustrated