Managed Cloud Services

Scalable IT Infrastructure to meet you changing business needs

Dataquest provide a highly efficient and cost effective alternative to managing your IT infrastructure and software applications on premise. Our offering is scalable and can be tailored to manage an entire IT estate or to back off strategic services and line-of-business applications, where performance, backup and accessibility are key.

Advantages of the cloud

Cloud technology delivers multifaceted benefits to organisations of all sizes. Dataquest provide planning and transitioning expertise to seamlessly deliver an infrastructure that is right for your business objectives

  •  Scalable performance that can upsize to meet seasonal increases in throughput
  • Reduced overheads in providing an onsite  server and support architecture.
  • Robust  security and authentication management.
  • Business continuety and resilience

Your Digital transformation journey

We have a proven track record in migrating IT legacy systems, emails and archiving into our Private Cloud or across other popular platforms. During our design analysis and process we often discover ways to enhance our clients’ data security and integrity. The optimisation of cloud will allow your IT team to concentrate on the development of systems, strategic adoption and operational efficiency throughout the workplace which will directly affect corporate profitability.



Dataquest provide a wide portfolio of products, platforms and technologies to meet your business challenges and your user needs.

  • Leverage Private, hybrid and public cloud
  • AWS, Microsoft  or CCE private cloud
  • Digital Transformation
  • BaaS – Backup as a Service
  • DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • SECaaS – Security as a Service
  • Data Centre resilience
  •  Dedicated UK based helpdesk 24/7