A Cloud tailored to the exact needs of your business

Harnessing technology to create and maintain the IT environment that suits your business requirements is now not just possible, but the right decision for so many reasons.

You get the compute resources, storage, networking, servers and virtualisation needed, all through the internet from a trusted service provider, specialising in Cloud technology solutions.

Combining expertise with experience, we will build your environment in secure, UK-based data centres and move off premises some or all of your resources to increase the agility of your business.

Use our infrastructure and become more agile

An IaaS solution from CCE delivers physical or virtual infrastructure, managed and maintained by our technicians, that leaves you just to decide how much resource you need and when you need it.

You only get charged for what you use, on a pay-as-you-go basis and what best suits your operation, all of which can be quickly scaled to meet changes in demand, hour by hour if required.

And remember, switching from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model, allows you to free up capital and resources to focus on your core business activities, rather than wasting money on the hardware that supports it.

IaaS can significantly reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure as you no longer need to buy data centre hardware or maintain your own equipment, we do it all for you and ensure it’s available 24/7.

An environment quick to reflect changes in demand

We adopt a consultative approach to deliver a customised hybrid solution that utilises the most appropriate IaaS platforms, to reflect the unique requirements and workloads of your business. And critically, as the needs of your business evolve, we’re on hand to adapt your infrastructure to reflect those changes.

Our IT infrastructure design teams take a multi-vendor approach, using enterprise grade hardware to deliver high availability, resilience and secure environments, to ensure our clients benefit from a cloud solution traditionally afforded by only the largest organisations.

Greater flexibility with a bespoke Cloud solution

The bespoke Cloud solution we create for you, allows you to do anything you could previously with your on-premises infrastructure, just now with much greater flexibility.

A hybrid IaaS solution is always accessible, so if something denies you access to your premises, nothing interrupts your work. Our IaaS offering combines with BaaS and DRaaS solutions to enhance your business continuity plan, whilst improving agility and cutting costs. What’s not to like?