Why lease and not Buy?

Leasing is a popular and flexible way to finance the purchase of new technology. We answer the most common questions.

It’s said you should buy things that appreciate in value
and lease things that depreciate in value

  • Most Financial Directors
    don’t want to tie up their working
    capital. They would prefer to use it more effectively elsewhere.
    Leasing frees up capital so you can grow your business
  • The real cost of your lease is lower than the actual payments
    you make. Lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profit
    and the interest element can be offset as a trading expense throughout
    the period of the contract
  • Leasing keeps you within budget for the period of the contract
  • Leasing allows you to upgrade to the latest technology as and
    when required.

If we are stuck in a contract with another supplier and want to move, what can we do?

  • We can approach this matter with great sensitivity. Every situation
    is different but we can usually provide new contracts within budget
    whilst settling the outstanding liability on the current contracts.

Who are your chosen business partners?

All of the well-established companies below have a wealth of experience
in leasing. All finance rates are excellent and between them provide
a broad spectrum of innovative products. Most importantly, their clearance
rate is very high indeed.

  • Siemens Financial Services
  • CF Asset
  • ING
  • BNP Paribas Lease Group PLC
  • de lage landen

Do you supply finance for all types of companies?

Yes! Whilst every deal has to be underwritten by credit specialists,
we are able to provide the finance required, more often than not. It
is up to our underwriters to feel comfortable that you can honour the
loan agreement. If your credit rating is not particularly good for
whatever reason, you will probably be asked to pay a small premium.