Document ‘Information’ Management has evolved to deliver wider business process improvements:

The new business battleground revolves around offering your customers a more convenient and flexible user experience – enabling them to transact with your organisation on their terms.

This means that they will not only want to submit information to your business in multiple formats including post, email, fax and mobile apps, but they will expect a fast reaction to the data they provide.

To accommodate this change in culture, Document Management Systems need to evolve accordingly. It is unlikely that paper documents represent the largest proportion of business correspondence in most organisations today. So modern systems now capture a multitude of formats including E-mails, web forms and even interactions from mobile devices. Communications originating from such diverse sources present specific business challenges; since information is only meaningful within your organisation if you can collate, extrapolate, react and make sense of it in an advantageous time-scale.

Dataquest solves these issues by delivering intelligent automated workflows that capture and collate documents from various sources. Our solutions are smart enough to recognise document types, link them to corresponding projects or accounts, make them available to the correct stakeholders and even flag potential customer queries so that problems are dealt with efficiently. In addition, we can extract pertinent data to dynamically update CMS and ERP systems, feed content into downstream business processes and integrate into other back office systems such as SharePoint.