Mobile Call Recording

Based on an innovative software solution for BlackBerry and smartphone technology, our Mobile Call Recording service offers the simplest and most cost effective approach to recording mobile phone calls within your company. Its flexibility means that it can be adapted easily to fit your business and your budget. There are options available for in-house managed systems and off-site hosted services. The software integrates with existing systems, file formats, indexing and data storage, and can be supplied with the necessary hardware as a complete turnkey system. There are many business advantages to Mobile Call Recording, such as resolving disputes, monitoring the quality of customer care being provided, to aid staff training or sharing a conference call with a colleague.


FCA regulations require that businesses record all ‘relevant’ telephone conversations. Consequently, financial businesses need to take immediate action to review whether they will be compliant technically and which of their staff are eligible for compliance. By recording relevant company mobile devices, you can show that all reasonable efforts have been made to keep accurate records. This will strengthen internal controls and build confidence with regulators, clients and suppliers.