Disaster recovery

At Dataquest we understand the importance of business continuity. Most of the time these preparations stand you in good stead with customers, partner companies, industry regulators and make your business more attractive to potential investors. However, when an unexpected event impacts your business and it is necessary to invoke your Business Continuity Plan these measures are critical.
Dataquest appreciates that you may not want to be burdened with excessive management, operational overheads and stress.

In answer to this, Dataquest offers a range of business continuity services to suit all businesses. We assist you in the selection process, install and configure the solutions and help your team understand their role in the plan.

  • Managed Data Backup
  • Managed Email Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery Systems
  • Assistance With BCP Documentation
  • Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster recovery need not keep you awake at night.

Business owners need peace of mind that their systems are robust and business will continue regardless of unexpected events