Our Mission Statement

To deliver industry leading service, technology and value to our clients in a way that meets the goals of their organisation, reflects the needs of their users and rewards Dataquest UK with long term customer loyalty.

About Us – Dataquest UK is a privately owned, independent company which has a genuine service, technical and sales operation running from its head office in central London.

Since our inception in 2003, Dataquest UK set out to be a truly ‘service centric’ organisation. As such, both our employees and the supporting infrastructure aim beyond winning client business, to ‘winning client loyalty’ This strategy influences every aspect of our business as it drives a culture that is conducive to providing exceptional quality of service and value to our customers throughout the relationship.

To deliver on these aspirations we have been very selective with our product line, spearheading it with leading brands that are synonymous with quality, reliability, innovation and integration. This ensures we have the depth and breadth in our range to meet business requirements, whilst maintaining focused in-house technical, consultative and service expertise.

Dataquest’s strengths lie in our ability to tailor the services we provide to meet the requirements of organisations regardless of size, spend or prestige. Our company ethos and strategy has attracted a team of dedicated employees. These include managers and consultants who have for 20 years pioneered the way technical solutions are delivered by our industry. As a result, our advice and recommendations are trusted by a portfolio of clients including; commercial solicitors, financial institutions, charities, retailers, corporate marketing companies, construction, education and government agencies.